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Benefits of Precision Metal Fab From Dutton

A survey conducted by an independent company asked buyers of sheet metalwork,

“What do you consider are the most important qualities of using a metal fabrication or laser cutting company?”

The most important were rated in the following order:

The most important were rated in the following order:

  • Reliability and on time delivery of the items you order
  • Standard of finish on the completed items
  • Value for money
  • Being able to get hold of the right person
  • Accuracy of cutting and/or fabrication
  • Fast turnaround
  • A high level of flexibility and customer service
  • Trustworthiness
  • Ability to find the right/perfect solution to a problem

“Good friendly staff and the quality is very good. When we have a delivery I do not need to check the items for quality as they are nearly always perfect.” — Simon Francis, Clarke Rendall

“Good quality workmanship, positive attitude of sales staff.” — Paul Morley, Wright Machinery Ltd

These are all areas in which Dutton is strong and the service is continually reviewed to ensure it is improving.
Customers have consistently praised Dutton for:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Speed of response
  • Good communication
  • A ‘Can-do’ attitude
  • The ability to carry out small or large batch work
  • CAD development – working in 3-D reduces rejects
  • High quality work
  • Taking away the stress and cost of working with a number of different suppliers around the country – Dutton has most of the facilities on site
  • Value for money
  • Trust – the job is done properly first time, without defects
  • A working partnership – when working for another contractor, Dutton will visit the end client’s site as part of the customer’s team.

Watch our video to discover how Dutton Engineering can work for you.