Bead Blasting

Large Bead Blast booth available for blasting stainless steel using virgin glass bead. The use of glass bead blasting ensures that no base metal is removed from the surface.

Top Quality Finish

If you need a top quality finish on your stainless steel components, it’s good to know that Dutton has one of the best reputations in the precision engineering industry. Glass bead blasting is used by Dutton to remove all impurities and deposits from your finished stainless steel surfaces and provide a uniform finish. Fine glass beads are applied to the surface at a low pressure without in any way damaging the surface.

Unlike other cleaning/finishing methods this eliminates all residues and embedded contaminants, smoothly blends away surface defects and improves corrosion resistance without any dimensional changes to the surface. Glass bead blasting is also used to remove burrs and feathered edges from parts in a precision operation.

Corners and edges must be deburred with precision to assemble properly. The use of glass bead blasting ensures that no base metal is removed from the surface. The finish itself can be altered to suit your requirements. The smaller the glass spheres used, the smoother the surface, while larger spheres produce a more textured finish.

Dutton only blasts with 100% pure glass beads in a purpose-built 30ft x 8ft container, as opposed to the tiny rooms usually found elsewhere. This ensures not only allows bigger products can be handled with ease, but also ensures that your stainless steel parts will never be contaminated with small particles of mild steel as sometimes happens when the same mix is used for blasting both mild and stainless steel.